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AAE's cutting-edge design of the KSL Gold Tab represents a breakthrough in ergonomics, comfort, and feedback.  Every curve, part, and edge has been designed to conform to the contours of the shooting hand while prompting correct technique and providing a secure fit.  The KSL Gold Tab fits like a glove every time.  It features our custom made elastic for more comfort.  The KSL tab plate comes in either brass or anodized aluminum.  The brass will give you an extra weight feel in your hand.  The Palm Plate is adjustable so you can get just the right feel in your hand and is made of a hard plastic material.  The KSL gold tab comes with an adjustable finger spacer.  Brass tabs come with brass finger spacers; anodized aluminum tabs come with anodized aluminum finger spacers.  Both come with an adjustable anodized aluminum ledge.  All parts of the KSL Gold Tab are replaceable.