Apple Bowsmith Tool 11218-10

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The Bowsmith is the ultimate archery tool kit. Designed specifically for the technical needs of bow hunters and target shooters, the Bowsmith packs an array of archery-specific tools into one frame. It is a very versatile archery tool. Without compromising effectiveness, target shooters and hunters can now carry just one tool to tune, maintain or repair bows, arrows and broadheads in the field or at the range.

The tool features sheath, broadhead wrench, pry tip, screw driver, peep sight string spreader, knife, Threaded adapter and 8/32 inch Threaded Extractor. It also features Arrow prep Brass brush, Broadhead Sharpener, Crosscut Arrow End file, fletching glue stripper, three step starter, needle nose pliers, nock spreader, string loop and Nock Crimp/cutters. It has 7 double ended bit Kit (14 in total) including magnetic 1/4" hex drive.