Axiom + L 11311-36
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25LH Red

25RH Blue

25RH Black


Colors : Sky blue, black, dark red, blue, silver, white

Riser: 21 inches
Weight :
0.960 kg
Available only in RH

Riser: 25 inches
Weight :
1.120 kg
Available in RH/ LH

Included : Axiom arrow rest, Axiom cushion

AXIOM Cushion

Easy tuning with a ‘soft’ spring mounted. While tuning the bow, if the arrow is too weak, make the cushion plunger stiffer and if the arrow is too stiff, make the cushion plunger weaker.
Color : Black
Thread size: 5/16”-24

AXIOM Arrow Rest
While the arm is firm, it keeps being smooth to set.
Color : Black
Available in RH / LH

Caution : Don't set up the bow over than 40lbs. It may cause damage of a riser.