Velocity formula Lemmer 11311-445
Vennligst velg


The carbon outer structure of VELOCITY F TYPE limbs is created with N-composite carbon nano technology. This is an adjustment at the molecular level that signif cantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the carbon matrix. Inside the limb, the nano foam core connects the high modulus carbon at strategic points. VELOCITY F TYPE limbs belong to world top level and provides high speed, accuracy and the best shooting feeling. Now compare with others. Even if you chose a riser that welcomes another limbs standard, our brand new F TYPE limbs are fully compatible with the Formula™ system and you will appreciate the high technology and quality within SF ARCHERY.

Lengths and power
66”: from 22 to 44#
68”: from 24 to 46#
70”: from 26 to 48#

* Disse lemmene går ikke til SF`s eget velocity midtstykke. Passer kun buer med formula innfesting .

**Lang leveringstid på lemmer 40+


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