Bohning Blazer X2 11217-61
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• Best for outdoor field, 3D & FITA (not recommended for fixed blade broadheads)
• Lower profile, shorter version of the Blazer® vane
• 1.865” in length, 0.47" in height
• 4 grains in weight

"Best vane for the target archer"

It is extremely difficult to find a vane that offers just the right amount of steering while minimizing drag.and overall weight. Other brands offered reduced height and weight, but I experienced arrow flutter at the longer distances. The X-2 provides just the right amount of steering while reducing weight. This allows for a greater percentage of FOC to further aid steering, a win/win!

These vanes are tough too! During the Redding Trail Shoot last year I had a number of pass throughs , yet the X-2 vanes came through unscathed!