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European leader FITA certified !

ChronoTir has been partner of the biggest archery's events for many years.

ChronoTir 2 is a LED display with remote control management to ease and secure your archery training and competitions

That is already 10 years serving the FFTA and archery clubs !

ChronoTir 2 is a stand-alone remote controlled display which assists the referee during competitions. ChronoTir 2 is also the ideal tool for coordinating and ensuring safety of trainings.



ChronoTir 2 provides 4 functions

- Generates and manages regulatory light and sound signals

- Displays rythms (AB-CD)

- Displays shooting time progress

-Manages individual or team matches (optional)



ChronoTir 2 is easy to use.

A single remote is needed for simultaneous use of several markers.

The diverse functions are automated, but the referee can intervene at any time by remote control to change the various parameters and automatically control the markers.



ChronoTir 2 consists of 2 markers, 2 battery cargers and 1 remote control (tripod stand optional)

Weight of makers: 5 kg

Terminal display: 600x400 mm

Battery life: 20 hours

Range: 100 meters