Vennligst velg


BJORN DragonFlight™ vanes (patented) have been developed over many years by Swedish archer and inventor Bjorn Bengtson. Bjorn is a legendary creator of numerous archery products since early fifties. BJORN DragonFlight™ vanes has through its construction with wings and valleys some exceptional features that makes it unique on the market of plastic vanes. The segmented design makes the vane incredibly forgiving at contact in between the arrow and the arrow rest or the bow itself. That makes DragonFlight™ a perfect match for any situation where arrow clearance is critical. Besides being forgiving it also stabilizes the arrow extremely fast. The efficient aerodynamics of the vane allows you to choose a 10-25 % shorter vane, compared to conventional vane design. The design and the low profile, minimizes the exposure to cross wind effects, making it the perfect companion to any type of archery. And the material – high modulus polyurethane – provides you one of the strongest vanes on the market.


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