Elevation Adrenaline Carbon

Art.nr: 11217-11
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Offering you the highest quality, the Adrenalin line of hip quivers showcase the Diamond-Lock and Comfort-Tec Pro technologies while taking the innovations to the next level. The Adrenalin is decked-out with aluminium capped, carbon tubing for unmatched durability and class-leading aesthetics. Multiple accessory pockets keep this bad boy customizable.

Key features:

  • Diamond-Lock Weave
  • Comfort-Tec Pro Padding
  • Rivet Reinforcement
  • Embroidered Logo
  • Heavy-duty Zippers
  • Vented Pockets
  • Accessory Sleeves
  • D-Rings
  • 2” Belt Receiver
  • Kick Stand Sleeve
  • Scorecard Sleeve
  • Pen Sleeve