Grand Prix ACE 11311-19
Vennligst velg

Never before have we introduced a high-end limb at this kind of price. the all-new Formula Carbon Ace, handcrafted in the USA, is loaded with high-performance design and materials such as Hoyt’s exclusive syntactic foam and triaxial carbon cores. Fast, smooth and accurate, Carbon Ace will blow your mind without blowing your budget. . Available in extra short*, short, medium and long.

* Ekstra short kan det være veldig lang leveringstid på. Ta kontakt før du bestiller.

XS = 64" lengde på 25" midstykke.
S = 66" lengde på 25" midstykke.
M = 68" lengde på 25" midstykke.
L = 70" lengde på 25" midstykke.



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