G5 Head Loc

Art.nr: 11217-46
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Ordinær pris 750kr

Head-Loc is the new standard in quiver technology. Most quivers add noise and vibration after the shot. Head-Loc quivers work to kill noise and vibration with its mounting system. The Head-Loc rubber compression technology acts as an isolator between the quiver and the bow, reducing noise and vibration. The Exo-Flex hood is quiet, lightweight, and also has absorbing properties over traditional plastic. The over-all low-profile design allows the quiver to sit close to the bow, improving shot balance and reducing the chances of catching branches while stalking through the woods. The hood accepts fixed and expandable broadheads. Power grip double spreader to hold arrows secure with out deployment of mechanical broadheads. Holds 6 arrows.


  • Head-Loc rubber compression quiver bracket
  • Fits fixed and mechanical broadheads
  • Power-Grip arrow spreader holds arrows securely
  • Quiet Exo-Flex hood absorbs vibration and reduces noise
  • Holds six arrows
  • Secondary lever lock down
  • Adjustable mount for customizable fit
  • Free tree mounting bracket included



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