Mission Compound bow Zone 2017

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•Cam: F.I.T Cam 

•Impressive draw length range from 19 to 30".
•Over 50lbs of draw weight adjustment - from 15 to 70lbs.  
•Strong and stable riser design with low mass weight.
•Ideal for those who are looking for a wide range of adjustability.
•Does not require a bowpress for most adjustments.
•Ergonomic grip design.
•Smooth and balanced draw cycle.
•Low mass weight and forgiving bracing height.
•Range of finish options available.
•Material: Aluminium 
•Axle to Axle: 28" 
•Bracing Height: 7.25" 
•Mass Weight: 3.4lbs 
•Let off: 80% 
•Draw length options: 19"-30" 
•Speed rating: 306fps max