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Not all stabilisers are created equally.


The Certo and Aeris stabilisers are how all stabilisers should be made – For tournament archers, competing in real world shooting conditions.



    • 20mm, high rigidity carbon shaft


    • Solid aluminium mounting bushings


    • Silicone damper unit (included)


    • Solid Steel weights (included)


    • Adjustable mounting thread to ensure graphics are always the right way up!



Q – Are they designed for recurve or compound bows?
A – Both. There is no difference between a reurve or compound stabiliser.


Q - What is the difference between the CERTO and AERIS?
A – The shaft.


The CERTO features a pure carbon, 100% unidirectional shaft for maximum possible rigidity. (22% stiffer than Aeris. 50% stiffer than some other leading brands). The CERTO shaft is approximatly 12% lighter than the AERIS shaft.


The AREIS features a dual core carbon shaft. 1 x 1mm 100% pure carbon, unidirectional layer. 1 x 1mm carbon mix layer.


Q - What is the difference between the dampers?
A - Flexibility.


The standard 25mm damper is suitable for most applications and can hold up to 4 steel weights.


The 40mm damper is recommended only for 1 steel weight.


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