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DST40 Features

It is stable, fast and precise; qualities only reached with the Double Shoot Through System.

The DST40 is surprisingly light, resulting from precision-machined cut-outs, while maintaining strength with the shoot through design. Specially designed limb-fixation allows for individual positioning of additional tuning weights.

Combining the Shoot Through Riser, CST Cable Shoot Through System in a Double Shoot Through System and a 40 ATA , this is the ideal bow for the archer who wants the utmost in accuracy.

The DST 40: One riser for right and left-handed archers.


No more camlean and no torque over the complete drawlength to yield less mistake-sources of the bow. Precision through symmetry.

Data DST40

ATA 40.0 '' (101,60 cm)
Brace Height 8.2" (20,83 cm)
Speed (IBO) 305 fps (92,96 m/s)
Draw Weight 50 - 70# (22,68 - 31,75 kg)  in 5# increments
30 - 40# and more on demand
Drawlength AMO 26.25" - 32.25" (dep. on cam + module, medium position)
Drawlength REAL 24.50" - 30.50" (dep. on cam + module, medium position)
Net weight without parts 3.95 lbs (1,79 kg)
Colors Riser in BLACK, cams  in BLACK, more colors against extra charge
Strings & Cables String in Black/Grey, cables in Black, 24 strands. Special colors and special strength on demand.



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