Grand Prix Alero

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 Key features:

  • Great performance and technology at a lower price point.
  • Classic Earl Hoyt geometry.
  • Great performance for all skill levels.
  • Anodized colours.
ModelGrand Prix Alero 25
Length 25"
Mass Weight 2.9 lbs / 1,315 grams
Riser Style Original Earl Hoyt Geometry
Limbs  View available limb options

Never before have we offered so much recurve riser design and performance at such an affordable price. Built on our Grand Prix riser platform, the Alero is loaded with tried and true Hoyt Technology that will allow archers to excel from the start. The Alero is available in anodize red, blue, black and gunmetal gray. (Alero available January 2018.)

  • Original Earl Hoyt Geometry
  • Precision Machined Aluminum
  • Polished Anodized Finish
  • Hoyt Dove-Tail Limb System (ILF)