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Ragim Bobcat

Art.nr: 11219-106
Vennligst velg


The Bobcat recurve bow has a simple and traditional shape and a good mixture of colours. The handle has a good and careful combination of padouk, walnut and maple woods and a nice, slim and elegant line. Limbs have a central body in maple and a clear fibreglass outside lamination with an insert in walnut wood in the middle side. Tips are in phenolic material in two colours.


  • Length 60''
  • Weights 25 to 60# (increments 5 lbs)
  • RH or LH



* Inkludert streng

** Hvis leverandør ikke har denne buen på lager, kan en leveringstid på opp til 3mnd påberegnes.
Ring oss, eller send en forepørsel på buesport@buesport.no  før du bestiller.




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