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Ask around about Bear bows, and you’ll surely hear tales of the legendary 59 Kodiak. Throughout the years, Bear has been asked time and again to “bring it back”. Out of respect, they were convinced the 59 Kodiak could never, and would never, be duplicated. But, like Mr. Bear himself, they believe in giving people what they want. So it is with pride and honour that Bear offers the 2014 Bear Kodiak, inspired by and modelled after the justly famous 59 Kodiak.


  • I-Beam construction - made of Purple Heart with Bolivian Rosewood on the sides
  • Riser - faced and backed with thin strips of Purple Heart
  • Limbs - fashioned with action Maple cores, faced with caramel coloured glass and backed with a brown glass sleekly radiused for precision shooting
  • Tips - layered with brown and white fiberglass, and hand finished to accommodate modern bow strings
  • Grip - back is capped with brown and white fiberglass accents


  • 60” AMO length
  • Gloss or satin finish
  • Large profile leather strike plate and a forgiving feather arrow rest
  • Leather grip




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