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Sky Archery Longhorn

Art.nr: 11219-86
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The Sky Archery Longhorn is a high performance Reflex / Deflex Longbow. It gives you the ultimate in smoothness and speed with no compromise.  It is fast -- true point and shoot bow with no stack at the back. Available in Hunter, Pro Hunter, and Signature Styles. All styles come in Hunter Non-Glare Finish and with a Dyna97 Hand-Tied Flemish String.

 Hunter Bamboo / Sedua riser -> Mapel limbs
Signatur Mapel / Zebrawood riser-> Bamboo limbs

Length - 66"

* Streng inkludert

** Vis leverandør ikke har denne buen på lager, kan en leveringstid på opp til 3mnd påberegnes.
Ring oss, eller send en forepørsel på buesport@gmail.com  før du bestiller.




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