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INNO EX Prime Lemmer

Art.nr: 11311-29
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EX Prime limbs

Wood core

Utilising WIN&WIN’s N-composite carbon nano technology, the structure of INNO EX PRIME limbs is significantly stronger, right down to its molecular carbon matrix.

INNO EX PRIME contains a core made of meticulously and especially-selected wood. This makes the limb feel very stable at full draw and extremely powerful at the moment of release.

Focus on your draw, aim and executing the perfect shot. Let INNO EX PRIME concentrate on delivering a consistent, stable arrow down the range.

Technical specifications

  • Nano Foam Core / High Modulus Carbon
  • 28 to 48lbs
  • Glossy or Matt finish
  • 66, 68, 70 inche


 OBS! Våre leverandører ligger inne med et begrenset utvalg av disse lemmene, så her kan lang leveringstid påberegnes.


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