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Bowjax Magnum Split limb damper

Art.nr: 11313-54
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Ordinær pris 310kr

The Magnum Split Limb Dampeners represents the next level of innovation for limb dampeners. Without a doubt, this limb dampener is our most effective limb dampener for split limbs.

 Reduces Noise! Magnum Dampeners extend the life of your bow limbs. They have thick rubber pads that go in between the limbs for maximum vibration control. No bow press needed, simply install with provided screws.


#1026a fits .70′ or 11/16′ width gap, Fits Bowtech, Hoyt, and Strothers Bows.
#1026b fits .90′ or 7/8′ width gap. Fits PSE and Fred Bear = Bows.

 !! Svart- bare 1026B



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