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The Sx50’s performance, with a 50% carbon and 50% glass content, compares favorably to some of the best limbs on the market.

Replacing our bestselling limb - the Ex1 Evo2, we have doubled the carbon content to 50%. This reduces the limb’s mass weight, resulting in a smoother, faster limb, allowing archers to shoot longer distances even with a low poundage.

The new S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot.


Sizes 66", 68", 70", 72"
Poundage 20# to 40# in 2# increment
Fittings Standard ILF






Uukha bows are pantent protected 

Uukha was founded to offer archers, competitors and enthusiasts the very best recurve bows. This high quality material enables a high level of performance without sacrificing shooting pleasure. For that purpose we use innovative technologies that break with traditional laminate construction techniques.

Our team combines experts in composite material engineering and development together with top archers.

Our bows are entirely developed and manufactured in France.

The Uukha name is a direct reference to the Uukhaï song, a song giving strength and courage to Mongolian archers during Mongolia national day of Naadam. Our bows are also a tribute to Mongolian bows, inspired both in materials and designs.

Uukha is a registred trademark.