VX 1000 Curve

Art.nr: 11313-9
Vennligst velg


Vx1000 Curve limbs are an alternativ for those who prefer to feel more consistency at the end of the draw.

Vx1000 Curve are designed with the new Curve profile.

Vx1000 limbs are manufactured in a new optimized 100% carbon version of the Monolith C Uukha exclusive technology: the Monolith C Evo².

Vx1000 limbs are intented for archers looking for the best performance while maintaining comfort, ease and control.

Vx1000 Curve limbs are faster (about 8 fps, equivalent to a gain of 3# at 40 #) and lighter than previous Ux100.

They keep the same levels of lateral stability and smoothness.

The result is: efficiency and comfort with no equivalence on the market.


! UKKHA produkter har vanligvis en leveringstid på 5-8 uker.
! UUKHA lemmer kan brukes på formula midstykker med et formula adapter.



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