EX1 Evo2

Art.nr: 11313-12
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Thanks to the new Curve profile, Ex1 Evo² limbs are quiet faster, a good advantage to shoot long distances with low poundage.

Ex1 limbs are tolerant: even with an average technique, defects are not amplified.

Ex1 are smooth: traction is easy, without any muscular tiredness at the end.

They generate very few vibrations

The shock transmitted to your arm at the release is very soft, your tendons are preserved.

Uukha technology garanties perfectly straight limbs which will not twist and will remain insensible to hot or cold conditions or moisture: stop worrying about your bow adjustment and settings, you just have to set it once for all.




! UKKHA produkter har vanligvis en leveringstid på 5-8 uker.
! UUKHA lemmer kan brukes på formula midstykker med et formula adapter.