Wiawis Nano Max Carbon

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The Wiawis Nano Max riser has been developed by Win & Win’s carbon technology. This riser absorbs shocks perfectly and minimizes unnecessary movement that makes shooting more accurate and stable. The Wiawis Nano Max moved 30% more weight to the front side of the grip to reduce unnecessary movement and vibration transferred from shooting shock remarkably. The Wiawis Nano Max handle shows the importance of a well-balanced riser for stable shooting.

The Win & Win Wiawis riser adapted the Nano carbon technology as the first in the world first. Win & Win already proved the performance of Nano carbon through the present Win & Win limbs. Nano carbon is excellent on stiffness and when mixing with carbon fibers, its adhesive strength increases durability.


  • 25 (1320g) or 27 inches (1370g)
  • RH / LH
  • RH only for the 27 inches version
  • Carbon Graphite / Nano Carbon
  • Colours: (two-tones painted) black+yellow, black+orange, black+red, black+blue, black+pink, white+green, white+pink