Winners Choice 2-cam 8190 11218-55
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Winner’s Choice is the Benchmark for bowstring manufacturing. They set the highest industry standards.The World’s top archers and bowhunters have selected WC as their choice for bowstrings since 2000. Winner's Choice is constantly on a quest to improve its products and this quest has now led us to the new bowstring material- 8190 Xtreme™.

Winner’s Choice introduced in 2012 the next major advancement to the line. 8190 Xtreme™ bowstring material. Put simply, 8190 Xtreme™ is the strongest most advanced bowstring material they have ever produced.

8190 Xtreme™ features

  • 15% more strength than any previous bowstring
  • Less shoot in time (as few as 3 shots)
  • Improved consistency and superior accuracy
  • Weather proof- using patented Weatherlock TM technology
  • No creep, no peep rotation, no serving separation guaranteed
  • Improved durability and product life

The standard string product is black/silver. The standard serving is X-Braid Plus™ on the center serving as well as certain cam serving areas. On other cam serving areas translucent 3-D serving for maximum string protection and long life is being used.